Sunday, July 08, 2001

Well, here i am. Again, finally. I don't really know why i write in here. I'll probably come to my senses soon.
I'm so depressed tonight. I had to return some videos in town, and just couldn't go home. So i drove to Greenwell Point. I don't actually know why. It was dark, i had no clue where i was going, but i had no desire to turn around. And then, when i got to the wharf, i looked at the pelicans bobbing on the harbour, turned the car around, opened one of the "Flake" bars i'd bought with me, and drove home.

I guess i'm just disillusioned with my life. I find no happiness. I saw one of my friends in town tonight with her partner, having a great time, and just felt so lonely.

I suppose i should get off the computer and go to bed.

Saturday, May 12, 2001

Yeah, i'm not to sure about this. Testing testing

Sunday, February 04, 2001

oh, okay, now i get the hang of this. Very cool. Very cool. I think.
Doesn't moving in have that nice, clean and crisp feeling to it. Welcome all. i'm not in the best mood to be doing this, but hey, I've got nothing better to do at the moment.
Hmm, I might try again later.